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Wedding Venues

Italy is a beautiful land steeped in history which has been shaped over the centuries by the various artistic influences of those who have lived within her borders. She is rich in majestic palaces, castles and stately homes which offer lush gardens suitable for even the most elegant of wedding receptions. Alternatively, the unique Italian countryside together with its rustic farmhouses and authentic local restaurants offer a unique choice for those seeking unforgettable moments in the countryside or hills. We can also suggest more original locations such as parks, ancient monasteries,or maybe a boat on one of the peaceful lakes or a terrace overlooking the breathtaking landscape of Italy.

There are many elements to consider before choosingthe perfect reception site. Of course, it must be in harmony with the general feel and style of the wedding but, at the same time, meet the more practical requirements such as being an appropriate distance from the wedding hall or church as well as offering adequate access for the guests. Also, in the case of open air receptions, even micro climatic conditions must be taken into consideration. Manto Weddings can suggest a wide variety of possible locations to ensure that you find the one that is perfect for your big day. We can also advise you on venues that allow you to hold the ceremony and the reception at the same location.

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