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After the ceremony, the reception is when the bride and groom relax and share enjoyable moments together with their guests. The organization of the banquet is critical to the overall style of the wedding as it both defines and completes the feel of the day. Therefore, careful planning is required to ensure its success and some essential elements must be present.

Firstly, the reception must respect the harmony of the ensemble: for example a traditional feast would complement a simple and elegant wedding, but maybe a high quality reception buffet would be more suitable for a young and dynamic party, and for that informal wedding event even a unique original picnic would be the perfect end to the day.

We can offer bespoke catering services and restaurants that work with an attentive care to detail and provide a wide selection of high quality products of Italian origin. Our couples can choose from a variety of catering options including finger food, dinner parties and buffets.

We can also arrange an open bar as day becomes night and the reception moves on to a night of dancing and celebration. Each menu is tailored to suit the tastes and budgets of the client. Moreover, all of our catering and restaurants can provide vegetarian dishes as well as cater to any specific dietary requirements relating to allergies or intolerances.