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Palazzo Te

This is a suburban impressive stately home, one of the loveliest and most famous of the 16th century, constructed for Duke Federico II Gonzaga by Giulio Romano, Pupil of Raphael, the greatest artist of the late Renaissance movement.

Civil Weddings may be celebrated in the following areas of the building:

Loggia di Davide
(Capacity: 100 people)
The Loggia di Davide is a means of access between the elegant apartments, the main courtyard and the garden. It is the largest area of the entire building, where you could have a ceremony in front of the garden. It’s particularly suited to summer weddings.

Camera di Amore e Psiche
(Capacity 40 people) 

Is the most sumptuous environment of the palace. The room was named in honor of the story of Cupid and Psyche and is one of the most famous fresco cycles of the Late Renaissance. The Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche is painted in octagons and in a great painting on the two windowless walls that portrays the Nuptial Banquet of Cupid and Psyche. Through the mythological story, the frescoes aim to celebrate the union of Federico II Gonzaga with his lover Isabella Boschetti.

Sala dei Cavalli
(Capacity around 100 seats)
The room is named after the famous Gonzaga horse stables represented in the frescoes. This room has been venue to receptions and dances, like those for Emperor Charles V during his visit to Mantua in 1530.