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If you enter Mantua crossing the bridge from the north-east you can see the city surrounded by its three lakes floating like a golden mirage. With its high palazzos, towers, red-tiled roofs, brick walls it is more like a Renaissance architectural fantasy than a living city in the 21st century. Mantua is a unique and romantic setting for your fairy tale wedding or for your special event.

Manto Weddings was named in honor of the legendary founder of Mantua


Greek mythology teach us that the city of Mantua was named after the prophetess Manto, daughter of the prophet Tiresias, who fled Thebes, and after a long time wandering around finally arrived in a swamp area. There, with her tears, Manto created a magical lake which gave prophetic capacities to those who drank from it.

Manto was married to the river god Tybiris (Tiber) with whom they had with whom she had a son who was to become the founder of Mantua and named it after his mother.


Mantua has enchanted poets and writers from every corner of the world in every era: 
Virgil, Torquato Tasso, Charles Dickens and Baudelaire to name but a few.  To this very day the city seems to be suspended between the earth and the sky and continues to evoke intense emotions. Mantua is an idyllic setting for weddings, symbolic ceremonies and anniversaries. The city is a romantic venue with its Arabian nights skyline, the urban splendor of the Renaissance, the surrounding landscape made of rushes, reeds and willows on the banks of the lakes.

The works of art in Mantua continue to inspire new love and old lovers. Also, Mantegna’s masterpiece La Camera degli Sposi (The Bridal Room) in Palazzo Ducale, one of the greatest expression of the Humanistic culture, and La Sala di Amore e Psiche (the Room of Cupid and Psyche) by Giulio Romano in Palazzo Te, one of the most famous and significant painted cycles of Late Renaissance. For the most romantic couples then, we suggest a walk hand in hand through the streets where Shakespeare set Romeo’s search for the poison in the famous tragedy, or along the lakeside where you can enjoy dreamy scenery.

Civil Weddings are held in the Wedding Halls that belong to the Municipality of Mantua.

Romantic venues near Mantua

Italy is a beautiful land steeped in history which has been shaped over the centuries by the various artistic influences of those who have lived within her borders.  [Continue...]


Wedding Halls

Weddings can also be held in the following town halls in the municipality building: Sala degli Stemmi & Sala Consiliare  [Continue...]


Palazzo Te

This is a suburban impressive stately home, one of the loveliest and most famous of the 16th century, constructed for Duke Federico II Gonzaga by Giulio Romano, Pupil of Raphael,the greatest artist of the late Renaissance movement.  [Continue...]


Villa Negri

Located in a large park in the quiet countryside of Mantua, the villa is just 10 minutes from the city center...  [Continue...]